More violence from "peace" lovers


Earlham College is a fine liberal arts college in Richmond, Indiana. It is also a Quaker—sponsored school, and home to many of the pacifist persuasion. Last night, while speaking at Earlham, Bill Kristol was assaulted by a pie—throwing student, who also, incidentally, managed to hit the Provost and President in the attack.

The audience and administrators behaved commendably, jeering the attacker, and personally apologizing to Kristol. The student faces discipline from the school, including possible expulsion.

All well and good. However, the student is also liable for assault and battery charges from the civil authorities in Richmond, Indiana. Pie—throwing is a violent assault, capable of damaging the eyes. It is also a humuliating event, designed to intimidate speakers out of accepting speaking engagements. It is a crime against civil society, and amounts to low level terrorism: do and speak as I say, or I will attack you.

These are serious offenses against society, and should be prosecutied to the full extent of the law. Only when potential pie—throwers start seeing the real prospect of serious jail terms will this epidemic abate.

Thomas Lifson  3 30 05