MSM feeling sorry for itself


Jon Caroll is a very talented columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, who is more—or—less in the mainstream of that paper, that is on the "progressive" end of the spectrum. His column today betrays a bit of self pity and whining about all the criticisms the MSM has to endure.

The problem is that we are fair—minded. We know that we make mistakes. We want to get better. The fair—minded have no chance against zealots. Zealots lie because the ends justify the means, and we say, "Oh, gosh, we're going to investigate and strive and improve." Are the zealots going to investigate and strive and improve? Of course not: They have an agenda, and the agenda does not include self—assessment.

Examples? Well, none are given. They might be helpful.

Nothing too surprising about that. Nobody likes critics. But Carroll also hints that he understands that the handwriting is on the wall:

You should not believe everything you read, but you should be grateful that there's stuff to read at all, and that people care about whether that stuff is right, and that they will keep caring next week and next month and next year.

Be nice to Daddy. Some day he will die, and it will be too late.

Thomas Lifson   5 31 05