MSM self-delusions


D.J. Drummond of assembles various MSM tributes to the late Peter Jennings as the paragon of journalistic virtue, and then offers some of PJ's biased comments along with his claim that

'We all have baggage, but one of the good things about journalists is that they recognize bias and work hard to keep it out of their coverage.'

He makes a very solid point:

...if you really want to know why the MainPain Media is losing market share and a steadily growing number of alternative resources are being sought for analysis and an overview, like Talk Radio, Cable News, and blogs of course, just look over these statements, and consider that, in the opinion of the speakers, they're not lying. They really believe that bilge, and they promote it because it's what they themselves are made of, at their core.


Thomas Lifson   8 14 05