MSNBC loses, 5-1


MSNBC is at it again. In a story on their web site today regarding the recess appointment of John Bolton as UN ambassador, their "objective, accurate" reporting uses quotes from five senators sharply critical of the President's move, with only a vaguely—positive quote from Bill Frist to counterbalance the shrill, reflexive, utterly predictable reactions from Reid, Kennedy, Dodd, Biden and RINO Voinovich.

Note that MSNBC does not use a quote from Frist explaining that the recess appointment was necessary because of arbitrary partisan obstructionism on the part of the Democrats. The quote they use from Frist comments only on Bolton's general qualifications for the post. MSNBC leaves the reason for Bolton's recess appointment totally unexplained from any Republican Senator's point of view, which gives the reader the unmistakable impression that President Bush has done something "bad" or "wrong."

Intentional liberal bias on MSNBC's part or the result of a left—leaning culture so deeply ingrained they can't even see it themselves? Either way, it's more of the same old MSM tilt.

Steve Feinstein  8 01 05