Must-see TV


For all the problems I have with CBS News and Terry Moran of ABC News, among many others in the American television establishment, nothing here comes even close to level of grotesqueness that Iranian television does with an appalling blood libel, caught by, and featured on Little Green Footballs.

Even if you don't have a Microsoft Media Player, you must see this. Download one if necessary.

The next time someone tells you about how Muslims have their reasons for hating Israel, remember the kind of propaganda to which they resort. Muslims, driven to fanatical exasperation by the failure of Islamic civilization to keep pace with the West, and humiliated by the great contributions of Jews to science and medicine, are reduced to pathetic levels of mendacity. Unfortunately, there are probably many who believe this blood libel in Iran and elsewhere, including, maybe, your home town.

Thomas Lifson   5 19 05