My kind of Dem


Richard Daley, the mayor of Chicago, sometimes seems like the only Democrat who gets it. Where was Joe Lieberman when Dick Durbin handed terrorists and America—haters ammunition? Deferring to his Senate colleague? Close ties within the Illinois Democratic Party did not inhibit Richie (as he is known, to distinguish him from his father) Daley from telling Durbin to apologize.

Chicago has always held a special place in my heart. Chicagoans detest pretentiousness and phoniness. They live in an enormous, sophisticated city of the world, but they are as down—to—earth as your next door neighbor. It is my kind of town, to quote the Sinatra song. And its mayor reflects those honest, God—loving, patriotic citizens he represents.

If you admire Richard Daley's lonely stand among the Democrats, take a moment to re—read Bruce Thompson's tribute to Hizzoner da Mare, published here last year. And check out Bruce's blog, Machias Privateer.

Thomas Lifson   6 22 05