Nader on Florida ballot (as of today)


In purely pragmatic terms,  the Democrats understandably want to remove Nader from the Florida presidential ballot (and others nationally).  And equally understandably, the Republicans are working to add his name to the ballot across the country. Reuters reports that, as of today, Nader will be on the ballot.

But there is a larger issue which, unfortunately, both parties have ignored as they play "gotcha" with this issue: ballot access for all qualifiers.  If all the candidates in all the parties meet minimum reasonable criteria —— poof! —— they should be placed on the ballot.  This is called democracy.  And isn't this what we're fighting for around the world? 

The Democrats who loudly demanded that every vote should be counted have a particular hypocrisy showing now. These maneuvers disgrace not only the major parties but the US itself. 

Ethel C. Fenig