National Public white noise


Look who is complaining about National Public Radio now——a black columnist whose criticism is encapsulated in the article's title White Noise.  NPR is not diverse enough, doesn't relate to minorities he asserts.

Well, that may or may nor be true depending on one's perspective.  But the column begs deeper——and unanswered—— questions; why are taxpayer funds used to support public programming on television and radio when similar programming is available now, especially on cable?  Why are taxpayer funds necessary to sustain programs on public radio and television stations that marketing research indicates are watched  mainly by the more educated who are presumably more affluent? Welfare for the rich indeed.
According to NPR's own director of audience and corporate research:

"Education more so than any other demographic — age, income, race, etc. — is the strongest demographic measure correlating with listening to NPR programming,"

Nixon, who is white, said in an e—mail.

"Public radio news and information audiences tend to be curious about their world, enjoy learning and are heavier consumers of information than the general population. . . . Our own research finds that these characteristics are present in both groups of listeners, black and white."

Hey President Bush——as long as you're talking about privatizing Social Security why not also privatize public radio by pulling the plug/funding for NPR and PBS?   That sound you hear is affluent, educated liberals squealing about the end of their welfare.
Ethel C. Fenig   4 4 05