New York Times desperate for ad revenue


In imagery reminiscent  of the Nazi newspaper Der Sturmer, the New York Times runs a full—page ad ad attacking the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. AIPAC is a well—respected group seeking to enhance understanding of Israel in America.
The ad conjures up notions of dual loyalty, American Jews controlling the levers of power in government by "operating behind the scenes" in some sort of nefarious manner. Which is odd: if it is so secretive, then how was the ad able to find so many quotes from AIPAC officials and others..including those unfailingly inaccurate "anonymous sources"?
The history of American citizens concerned about foreign affairs and exercising their right to be heard is a long and honorable one — practiced by Poles, Latinos, Russians, Chinese, Indian—Americans, and many, many other people from the ethnic kaleidascope that makes the American landscape so strong. Can anyone imagine the New York Times running an ad attacking Mexican Americnas? Or how about an ad attacking Arab—Americans for their involvement in domestic fundraising for terror groups overseas that have killed Americans and others? Or an ad attacking Arab—Americans for the behavior of their brethren overseas who have extorted hundreds of billions of dollars from the Third World (impoverishing those nations which the New York Times cares so deeply about), and us by an illegal (by American law) cartel jacking up oil prices?
Ed Lasky   5 27 05