New York Times ignores GOP senators' efforts


How is this for a lead sentence:

"Under pressure from Democratic senators, the board that rates video games assigned the latest installment of the Grand Theft Auto series an adults—only label yesterday, effectively removing it from the shelves of most major retail stores."

The article goes on to highlight Senator Hillary Clinton's role in forcing the rating change — her very own Sister Souljah moment and an accomplishment that will be used in her presidential campaign.

As an earlier Times article noted,

"Politically, Mrs. Clinton's decision to wade into the controversy over Grand Theft Auto is noteworthy. She singled out the game when many Democrats were trying to figure out ways their party can match Republicans on the issue of family values."

Why worry about matching Republican efforts in this area since the Times and other media refuse to give the Republicans any airplay on this issue. For example,the NYT noticeable does not mention ANY Republican efforts to regulate the availability of these types of games to youth. This might come as a surprise and a slap in the face to Republican Senators Rick Santorum and Sam Brownback who have teamed up, along with Hillary, to investigate and provide funds for a wide—ranging investigation of the issue. Big Brother, the New York Times, again decides what news is fit to print (to help Hillary, that is).

Ed Lasky   7 21 05