Newspaper death throes (to be continued)


Frank Barnako of reports:

The nation's newspapers have about four more years to dominate the real estate ad business. [emphasis added]

Borrell Associates, a newspaper industry consulting firm, estimated Thursday that by 2009, more marketing dollars related to real estate will be spent online than in newspapers. This year, the consultants forecast, online ad spending related to real estate will rise to $1.8 billion, a 55% increase from last year's $1.16 billion. If the estimate holds true, it will mean that online media will take a 15.9% share of all ad dollars in this category, Borrell said.

"The sudden growth indicates that agents, brokers, and developers have moved from the experimentation phase, and are beginning to commit sizable portions of their marketing budgets to online media," Borrell added in a statement.

Ed Lasky   5 19 05