No price gouging allowed


Richard Vertrees writes:

Ok ....I can't take it.

Turn on your TV.  People are dying in their chairs right now at the superdome from heat prostration.  They are dropping like flies.

Why...because someone told Bubba that if he got in his boat in Baton Rouge and started heading down river with bags of Ice and bottles of water to haul over the dike and into downtown to sell at more than $1.50 a bag he will be vilified just before he gets arrested and goes to jail.  Never mind that Bubba could also take a few people back in his boat.  There should be a frigging Dunkirk going on there right now.

People are now dying.... Because some busy bodies and Governors have put their nose where it does not belong.  IN OTHER PEOPLES BUSINESS.

NOW, where are all those reporterettes going around asking why you are selling ice and water at the superdome at double price like they did during Hurricane Andrew.

They aren't....because no one is taking any ICE or WATER there.  And then evacuating others by boat.

9 01 05