NYT continues its disgrace reporting Columbia University


A number of us have noted that the New York Times, which disgraced itself by agreeing to supress reporting of contrary viewpoints when it received an advance copy of Columbia University whitewash of its anti—Israel classroom atmosphere, has compounded the offence. In profiling Professor Joseph Massad, it came remarkably close to whitwashing the one professor the Columbia report criticized. The Daily Scorecard did a good job in explaining the problems with the article:

The writer glowingly observes —

— his impeccable dress and Christian fellowship 
— fine taste in wine and magazines, perfect attire and cultured ingratiating manner with a metrosexual gloss 
— a Professor who 'won't stand for either anti—semitism or anti Palestinianism'
— someone who once long ago held seders with a roommate
received (he says) hate email from 'other Columbia faculty'
— someone on the front lines 'defending academic freedom' from the dark forces of McCarthyism
— was intimidated as a student "for criticizing Pinochet" (A regular Che Guavara)
— "allowed" 'student hecklers' into his classroom because he firmly believes in free speech

Hat tip: Larry and Ethel Carol