NYT distorts news, defames America


In this New York Times news report  regarding a conference held in Paris, Iran's nuclear program is distorted to depict America as selfishly and arrogantly demanding the right to develop nuclear power for only itself. The US is on record of only wishing to develop safeguards to prevent Iran's nuclear weapons development program from succeeding in the face of feckless international appeasement.
The New York Times — the so—called paper of record — states that both Iran and America support nuclear power but "the United States wants to deny Iran the right to develop its own nuclear power." The report repeats this egregious error  when it leads off another paragraph by stating, "the United States wants nuclear energy plants for itself".
America has no problems with the bevy of countries (such as Japan, England, France, and others) developing nuclear power generating capacity, so this last statement by Times reporter Elaine Sciolino is an outright fabrication. America has logical rationales for wishing to restrict Iran's capacity for developing WMD, but has not formulated a policy to deny Iran the right to develop nuclear power.
The New York Times, which in other contexts would undoubtedly oppose nuclear power, again aids and abets the leading terrorist state in the world, Iran, while disparaging and defaming our nation.
Ed Lasky   3 23 05