NYT on the Patriot Act


In a short editorial — just 265 words excluding title and date — the New York Times gleefully congratulates the House Republicans who joined the Champions—of—Freedom Democrats in voting to eliminate the library and book store records seizure provision of the Patriot Act. 'In a welcome rebuff to President Bush,' intones the Times, 'the House has finally heeded the public's growing fears for their liberties under the Patriot Act's sweeping police powers.'

'Welcome rebuff'? 'Score one for our side!' is the unspoken exclamation. Is this what the war against Islamic terrorists comes down to? A game of one—upsmanship?

'Unfortunately, only one of the Patriot Act's manifold flaws is affected by the vote'; 'Many lawmakers did not even read the Patriot Act when it was rushed through after the Sept. 11 attacks'; '...the law gave government too much power to invade the privacy of ordinary Americans'; '... remove ( the) odious 'sneak and peek' provisions'; '...too much of it provides license for federal agents to spy on innocent people and suppress dissent.'

But to give the Times their due, they do state that 'Parts of the Patriot Act are reasonable and necessary.' Wonder what they are?

The sunset provisions?

Dennis Sevakis    6 18 05