One cheer for the EU


There is so little to credit the EU for doing right, when it does, let's not neglect it.  

PRAGUE/BERLIN — A Czech senator and a German member of parliament were expelled from Cuba for planning to meet dissident opponents of Cuban president Fidel Castro, officials in Prague and Berlin confirmed on Friday, while two Polish journalists were detained for the same reason. The European Union responded on Friday by threatening to reimpose sanctions on Cuba.

In Brussels, the European Commission expressed regret at the move. "These are not the right steps," said a Commission spokesman, warning the EU could again impose sanctions on Cuba as early as June.

Previous EU sanctions in protest over human rights shortcomings and the lack of democracy were suspended in January.  
The nascent Cuban democracy movement (365 groups meeting to plan a post—Castro democracy)needs outside assistance to survive the attacks of the Government.

Hat tip: Instanpundit  

Clarice Feldman   5 20 05