Outraged Muslims


Right Wing Nuthouse looks into the Newsweek article which has set off riots in the Muslim world. The "brief Newsweek report" printed in its May 9 issue, has apparently been used by instigators and provocateurs to stir up the massive anti—American activity among students, tribesmen, and the semi—literate and illiterate of the areas involved —— according the accounts of such diverse media as the BBC, AOL News Service, and other major media throughout the world including those of Singapore, Australia, and India.

I dropped my free Newsweek subscription months ago to escape the pervasive anti—administration whining and ultra—liberal rants and screeds, so I don't have a copy of the May 9 edition —— nor is it possible to search out on the magazine's Web site the actual allegation it made.

As far as I can determine, no other legitimate news outlet has made a similar accusation; nor can I find any indication that the Newsweek charge has been in any way credibly corroborated. Many reports, including those from official sources such as the VOA, state that such actions would be "repugnant," totally counter to US policy, are being taking very seriously by the administration, and will be thoroughly investigated. No less an official than Condi Rice has been quoted to that effect.

Nevertheless, there is the allegation; there are the dead and wounded; there is another round of hatred instigated against our country.

How do the editors of Newsweek sleep nights?

Richard N. Weltz  5 14 05

Thomas Lifson adds:

Once again we have confirmation that enemies of the United States will whip up Muslim mobs into homicidal frenzies on the barest of pretexts. It would behoove journalists to keep in mind the real world consequences of their reporting. Do they want to provide fodder to these animals? Following reporting of Abu Ghraib, people were beheaded. The Abu Ghraib photos were obtained under very troubling circumstances, as Doug Hanson has reported, but the major media have ignored.

No more pretending that they are simply interested in the truth. That claim rings hollow in today's politicized press. They need to take responsibility for what they do. No more pretending that they can't have predicted what would happen.

As for the Muslim world, I would take their hyper—sensitivity a lot more seriously if we saw the Muslim world offering the same degree of respect they demand to the world's other religions. I am mightily affended that Christians and Jews cannot openly practice their faiths in the land which hosts Islam's two holy cities. When it comes to respect, ya gotta give if you're gonna get.