PBS attacks Karl Rove, looks stupid


This new Karl Rove documentary coming to Frontline on PBS follows their production of a few weeks ago on the "coming civil war" among the Jews in Israel over the Gaza disengagement. PBS is trying hard to wrest its bias championship title back from NPR. When the New York Times finds a program laughably biased against conservatives, you know that you have an unintentional comedy masterpiece on your hands

Bush's Brain, a previous documentary on Karl Rove was, like PBS's work, laughable in its darkness and foreboding. Yet the Democratic and leftist pundits will tell you that most of all what they need to restore their political dominance is their own Rove. So clearly, there is nothing wrong with Rove's machinations, it's just a question of which side he is on.

The left just can't help revealing too much about themselves.

Richard Baehr   4 12 05