Peter Jennings


We held our silence during the tributes to Peter Jennings after his cancer death. Any man's death merits a period of peace, of mourning, of being left alone in grief. Those who loved him or who miss him deserve no less.

Debbie Schlussel, writing in Front Page Magazine, seems to be first out of the gate with a critical appraisal, although Wlady Pleszczynski prepared some ground as early as two days ago. Jennings has a lot to answer for in terms of his journalistic career, no matter what encomiums Brit Hume or Bill O'Reilly might utter. I am certain Jennings had many positive qualities in life and work, but he has been a huge asset to the radical Arab/Islamist cause for decades. Read the article for more details.

There is more to come about Jennings the journalist and Jennings the man. The battle over his legacy begins.

Thomas Lifson    8 11 05