Political bias in Chinese New Year's Parade


The San Francisco Chinese New Year's Parade, happening today, is a big event, drawing a half million or more spectators, and serving as the largest public event for the Bay Area's large (and growing) Chinese population. Unfortunately, this year's event is marred by gross poltical bias. The Falun Gong movement, undergoing savage repression in China, but an active part of the overseas Chinese community, is being banned from sponsoring a float. Meanwhile, a float promoting same sex marriage, will be featured in the parade.

It is a private event (using public streets — like the St. Paddy's Day parade in NYC), so organizers have the right to include or exclude anyone they choose. But I really wonder if the feelings of the community are being expressed, or if the feelings of activists are what count. Actually, I don't wonder at all. It is the latter.

Thomas Lifson  2 19 05