Political correctness trumps terrorism at the Oscars


At the 2004 Academy Awards memorial tribute to industry people who passed on during the previous year to the great film vault in the sky, Leni Reifenstahl was acknowledged.  Sure her films glorified Nazi Germany but hey——she was a female pioneer in a male (sh—h—h, Jewish) dominated field so of course she deserved this final honor.

Last summer Dutch filmmaker Theodore Van Gogh died——brutally murdered by an Arab.  But Van Gogh's films questioned Islamism and immigrants; the murderer was a minority.  His death was ignored by the Academy this year.

But Charles Johnson of the always on target Little Green Footballs blog noticed the omission, commenting

More disturbing, though: not a word was said about the murder of Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh. You wonder if the organizers even discussed it—and if they did, what excuse was used to avoid the subject.

Once again Hollywood liberals publicly display their narrow mindedness.

Ethel Fenig   3 1 05