Polls bizarre


The polls are nothing short of bizarre. Today Zogby goes from a 3 point Kerry lead to a tie. So, obviously for a three day tracking, Bush had a great night last night. Rasmussen shows Bush lead dropping from 3.6% to 1.6%, a two point fall, indicating Bush had a horrible night last night. A day ago, Ramsussen and Zogby were 7 points apart, today they are are 1.6% apart. Meanwhile Washington Post ABC tracking shows Bush lead up a point a day for 4 straight days, from 2% to 6%.  On the state level, Rasmussens shows Bush' lead slipping in Flori (from 7% to 4%), growing in Ohio (2% to 5%), and Kerry doing better in Michigan (now up 4%). In Pennsylvania and Minnesota, Kerry slightly ahead (2% in each)

Richard Baehr  10 12 04