Prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law


Lastango, of Daily Pundit, agrees with me about the seriousness of food attacks on speakers.

The irony of progressives claiming to fight fascism by denying others a constitutional right to free speech has been much discussed, but let's look past the incidents to date and consider where this might be headed.

At some point, frequency will begin to normalize low—impact physical attacks as part of how Americans carry on their national debate, and will confer a trace of Che—chic on perpetrators. Also, the more the extreme left is shrugged off by a conservative—trending America, the easier it becomes for angry ideologues to fancy themselves romantic outsiders engaged in heroic struggle. That's why we could be witnessing the first, unconscious stirrings of a domestic terror campaign, and why that tin can may one day hold corrosives, an AIDS—tainted emulsifier or a poison.

Just so.

For my more complete thoughts on the subject, see this article from last year.

Thomas Lifson   5 20 05

Greg Richards adds;

I saw Ann Coulter the other night on, I think, The Tonight Show, and she said, acerbically and wittily, as is her wont, "all I hear about is how nuanced Liberals are.  So I go to talk to them at college, and what do I find?  Pies.  Maybe they thought I was Mark Moore and was looking for one." 

Midst the wit, a very good point.  Where is all this nuanced argument we hear so much about?  We know it isn't there because Liberals are committed to a view of the world that isn't true.  But THEY haven't figured that out.

So, on many levels, we cannot accept this pie throwing.  Among other things it implies that conservative arguments are so vile they do not deserve a response.  We cannot accept that view even tacitly.