Protecting children?


Democrats have engaged in hyperbole and mudslinging in trying to frustrate Ken Tomlinson's efforts to ensure that the Corporation for Public Broadcasting obey its legal mandate to provide unbiased and objective programming. They have used an age—old Democratic trope to claim that these efforts will harm children by cutting funds for children's programming.

Congressman David Obey has said that PBS is the most valuable resource we have for getting decent, quality programming to children" . I suppose that includes the show "Postcards from Buster" which legitimized the homosexual lifestyle by portraying same—sex parents. 

They have even marched out Barney the purple dinosaur in public protests to make this point.

If Democrats were truly concerned about children, they would not be promoting easier sentences for convicts who on their release have high recidivism rates and provide less than sterling role models for their neighborhoods. They also would not be promoting the "right" of felons to vote. After all, does it send a good message that lawbreakers can help decide who is elected to make and enforce the laws and who can set sentencing guidelines?

Ed Lasky  6 22 05