Public liberal breakdown


Bad sportsmanship when losing is so ugly.  Especially among adults.  Especially in public.  And no, this isn't another tirade about some sports players engaged in an ugly brawl; this is how poorly the liberals are reacting because instead of crowing over Bush's mistakes they are exposed as just wrong, wrong, wrong.
A small sampling:
John F. Kerry publicly stated that the Iraqi election results shouldn't be overhyped.  Most of his fellow Democrats have uttered similar thoughts.
Then there are those in the media with a known liberal tendency that they claim is merely objectivity. Peter Jennings is also downplaying the Iraqis' bravery in voting——while just a few weeks ago he was still solemnly reporting that the Ohio voters waiting in long, but safe, lines to vote had maybe been cheated.
Peter Jennings, that expat Canadian intoned about Iraqi voting 
"When the numbers come in eventually...I think it will be clearer that perhaps the enthusiasm for the process is not as great as people here in Washington think."
Even his own network correspondent gently seemed to disagree with him.
Further to the left, some seem to be breaking down completely.   Perhaps out of desperation that no one listens to her rantings on Air America, on the barely listened to/watched MSNBC Janeane Garofalo gave the Nazi salute while calling the purple finger display disgusting, comparable to...well why bother giving her hate—filled pouting more publicity.
Ethel C. Fenig   2 6 05