Questions for the United Church of Christ


Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal ran an article ($link) describing efforts by the United Church of Christ to ban the use of language and sport team insignias that refer to Native Americans (such as the Seminoles, Indians, Braves, Washington Redskins).

The UCC believes these are caricatures that demean and insult Native Americans. By the way, Native Americans are objecting to the UCC efforts as meddlesome and unnecessary.

I have some questions for the gang of five that staged this coup at the UCC and passed a resolution pressing companies to end dealings with Israel.

If you are so concerned with images that spread prejudice and generate hate, why are you not raising a voice against the caricatures that prevail in the Arab world (both overseas and in some instance here) about the Jewish people?

How about issuing condemnations against the Palestinian—drawn images and language that demonize Jews?

How about the television series on Egyptian television that spreads theories of worldwide Jewish conspiracies? It depicts Jews as obese, hook—nosed, and insatiably greedy.

What about stories in Syria and throughout the Arab world which propagate the infamous blood libel?

In other words, why are you discriminating against the Jewish people of Israel who are only trying to protect themselves from the murderous hatred of people who revere and publish these very icons of hatred?

Ed Lasky   8 12 05