Reader letter


A reader who prefers to be identified as Big Temple writes:

There is an old adage that generals always fight the last war. By last war, they mean that military leaders usually focus too much on the lessons learned in the previous war and forget to predict the vagaries of the coming one. The liberals today seem like the generals. Ted Kennedy's constant harping that "Iraq is George Bush's Vietnam" sounds less like wisdom than tired reminiscences of his bygone glory days. Can the liberals ever put Vietnam behind them and go on with their lives?

Today's military men, on the other hand, are a completely different breed. They've truly learned their lessons from WWII and Vietnam but have evolved to fight war in the 21st century style. They've mastered the technology while putting to ultimate use their knowledge of politics, culture, and economics.

This is one of the reasons why the liberals have slid in their credibility. They've stopped looking to the future and are obsessed with the past. It's a different world we live in, and they don't have the vision for it.