Reform in New Jersey?


Eric Fettman of the New York Post lays out a promising scenario for the GOP to pick up the governorship of New Jersey. It seems some interesting tapes exist, compromising the probable condidacy of wealthy Senator Jon Corzine.

explosive tape recordings ... have rocked New Jersey after being released just days ago over the opposition of Democratic state Attorney General Peter Harvey, who sat on them for more than two years and spent several weeks fighting their release.

In the end, 75 minutes' worth were made public. Harvey still has 300 hours more he wants to keep secret.

George Norcross, premier Democratic power broker of south Jersey, is heard boasting back in 2001 about his influence and wheeling—dealing, telling how he got one legislator to vote his way by threatening to physcially emasculate him and, in general, providing what one Republican called "an up—close and personal look at how corruption works on a daily basis in New Jersey."

Indeed, Professor David Rebovich of Rider University told the Philadelphia Inquirer, "It caught one of the bosses saying how the game really works — and that the real game is played by the bosses."

This is what Norcross had to say about Corzine, who faces only token opposition in the June 7 primary: "Yesterday morning I'm up in Summit in Jon Corzine's home having breakfast and I talk to the guy once a week."

Referring also to the state's then—governor, Norcross added: "In the end, the McGreeveys, the Corzines — they're all gonna be with me because they have no choice."

Periodically, New Jersey voters get sick and tired of the sort of corruption the television series The Sopranos dramatizes so vividly. It is quite possible that such a wave of reform might influence voters when they mark their ballots for more offices than the governorship. Expect pressure for release of more tapes.

Hat tip: Ed Lasky

Thomas Lifson   4 13 05