Response to alternative Schiavo time line


An open letter to Kathy Cerminara, Kenneth Goodman, and Steven Haidar:
Cordial greetings:
Thanks for providing an alternate timeline. But the bottom line?
(1) The parents now want to take care of their daughter, so the spin or implication on Feb 14, 1993, that the parents want the money for themselves is suspect.
(2) Mr. Schiavo needs to provide the public with the receipts and "paid—in—full" documents from all of the hospitals and other rehab and therapy centers. With them we can tally up the totals and match them with the available money. Is it true that these documents are sealed under court order?
(3) Why does he need to provide them? Because he is living with another woman and refuses to divorce his wife for some strange reason. The odd claims bandied about in the chatter class in media that Mr. Schiavo is preserving the sanctity of marriage is wrong——he is living in a perpetual state of adultery, so any "sanctity" is negated. He should not even be in the picture. Do you have any answer as to why he still is?
(4) And as for Terri's "wish" that she would not want to live in this condition, Mr. Schiavo should provide the documents. If they do not exist, then this is mere hearsay, and Mr. Schiavo's words and Terri's brother's words and her parents words cancel each other out. In that case, let's err on the side of life.
(5) Finally, you have many links in your timeline. Do any of them say what happens to the money after Terri dies? Does it go back to the courts? A charity? To all of the family? To the legal guardian, Mr. Schiavo? If so, what does he get to do with it?
Madam and sirs: to solve all of this fiasco, Mr. Schiavo should divorce his "wife" and turn all custody of Terri over to her parents. This noble gesture would solve all problems. If he does this, he is noble. If he does not do this, then what is he? You supply the word.
James Arlandson