Reuters quotes A. M. Mora y Leon in American Thinker


We have had our differences with the Reuters news agency, principally over Middle East coverage and coverage of American policies and politics. But it is nonetheless a delight to see A.M. Mora y Leon's article on Mexico quoted in a Reuters dispatch from Mexico City, describing the financial impact of political turmoil there. All the more so, because the writer chose to conclude his article with Mora y Leon's words.

He chose well. Readers who have been following Mora y Leon's coverage of Venezuela, Mexico, and other Latin American countries, already realize the superb writing talent and insight of this extraordinary journalist.

Here is the releavent section from the Reuters article:

The mayor has promised to overhaul Mexico's free—market economic policies if elected, frightening some Wall Street investors who say his populist tendencies resemble those of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

But despite their misgivings about his politics, some observers say the worst—case scenario would be if he is forbidden from running.

"What happens when a political establishment tries to poison its Yushchenko? Exile its Dalai Lama? Jail its Lech Walesa? The reality is, he comes back stronger. That's what's about to happen in Mexico. Be warned," said an article on The American Thinker, a conservative U.S. Web log.

Of course, he had to identify us as "conservative."

Thomas Lifson  4 5 05