Revisioning the revisionists


With 60th anniversary commemorations of the end of World War ll in full mode,  the revisionist historians have been crawling out of their comfy holes, slamming America——of course——for their insensitivity during that horrible conflict. 

Whoops!  America's fault eastern Europe fell under the communist Soviet Union; yeah, Auschwitz was bad but what about Dresden? And of course, Japanese—Americans were forcefully interned during the war.  Wait! in less than 3 months, the protests of the 60 anniversary of Hiroshima will be blooming——racist America unmasked.

The always wonderful Victor Davis Hanson forcefully slaps down this dangerous nonsense  point by point.  Keep this handy to counter those few rational but historically blindered liberals and to remind others of the truth.

Ethel C. Fenig   5 14 05