Saddam notes


Reader Gary DeYoung of San Antonio, Texas writes us with some interesting observations:

(Full disclosure:  I am a Major in the Air Force Reserve and in 2003 I missed a mandatory dental appointment)

1.The left is beating the drum that there's 'no direct link between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda'.  Notice that Kerry and the liberals always specify 'Al Qaeda' and do not claim that Hussein's Iraq did not have direct ties to militant Islamic terrorists.  Their logical fallacy, called the fallacy of narrow definition, is made to lead people to conclude that the war in Iraq was not justified.  In fact, they cannot claim that Hussein's Iraq did not aid militant Islamic terrorists and support terrorism, because such a claim is indefensible

2. John Kerry now says that we should have left Saddam in power.  Uh, no.  (Psst — Mr. Kerry:  Saddam Hussein singularly distinguished himself from the other 6 billion+ people on Planet Earth, including even the world's other despots, by being the only man who has both used chemical weapons of mass destruction to kill thousands AND to have invaded a peaceful sovereign neighbor, with the intent to absorb its land and subjugate its people.  We didn't think he was dangerous, he proved it beyond a reasonable doubt.) 

3. The new DNC ad states that thousands of terrorists are flooding into Iraq.  Isn't this a good thing?  I say, let them come — it keeps the fight outside the US, and where our armed forces are already massed.  The sooner we kill all the terrorists, the sooner we can bring the boys — and girls — home!