Scary Terry Kerry


Teresa Heinz Kerry (we'll skip the multiple names she had before her two marriages) is so unhinged that even when she sticks to her prepared remarks, she makes absurd statements about herself. She recently told a group of union women in Ohio


that her own life is not unlike theirs: She works too hard, she doesn't have enough time for herself and her family, and her children and grandchildren are just too far away.


Uh—huh. It must be really tough to keep five houses clean, not to mention taking the Gulfstream V down to Jiffy Lube to get the oil changed, soing the shopping, clipping coupons in the Sunday paper, and trying to make the family budget stretch out until the next paycheck.


Or else, she could be honest, and say something like, 'I could buy the houses of everyone in this room for less than I spent on my five mansions. I am only wasting my time with you because my second Senator—husband needs your votes so I can fly around on Air Force One.'


Posted by Thomas  8 25 04