Science fiction on film


Concerning our esteemed editor's unaccountable taste in films: actually, I think movies are not the best medium for science fiction. Novels are much better in that one's own imagination fills the visual canvas. A couple of attempts were made to bring Ray Bradbury's "Martian Chronicles" to the screen and they failed miserably. I'm just old enough to remember the mysteries on radio such the "Inner Sanctum" and they were great! "The Fat Man", "Green Hornet", "The Lone Ranger", and others are all fond memories for me but they disappeared with the advent of TV.
I don't agree with a great deal of what Marshall McLuhan had to say, but I do think he was correct when he said that radio was a "hot" medium, meaning that it required your active involvement, whereas TV was "cool" because one was more passive when watching. I realize one cannot very easily stop tech progress. Unfortunately, very little attention is paid to the downside. No free lunch. No where, no how, no time — never. That's the part the Marxists and democratic socialists never want to address.

Dennis Sevakis   5 19 05