Secretary of State not seen much lately


It's become quite noticeable that SoS Rice is, according to the pictures we are lately getting from the MSM, MIA. 
Gone are pictures of Condi, beautifully coifed and dressed, striding purposefully around the globe with a beatific smile and a head crammed full of knowledge and brains.  To my cynical mind that must mean that she's being extraordinarily effective and that her appointment will be seen by future historians as a brilliant move.

In the view of the Bush—haters, everything is caused by: 
a. The evil puppeteer, Karl Rove, pulling Bush's strings;
b. Fundamentalist Christian rightwing nutcase puppeteers pulling Bush's strings;
c. Bush channeling Adolf Hitler;
d. Other.
Whatta girl!  It's going to be so much fun watching despots round the globe tremble when she lowers those eyes.

E.R.P.   4 3 05