SF Chronicle likes "24"


Although it does note the sheer implausibility of Jack Bauer's ability to cheat death so often, as well as his "ruthless penchant for torture and strategic murder," The San Francsico Chronicle editorial board shockingly likes "24," a show which no less an authority Rush Limbaugh praises as basically conservative — in message and in staffing.

What gets the Chron's approval are the terrific characters Edgar and Chloe, whose desk—bound (with one notable exception) activities frustrate the bad guys with internet wizardry. I love both of them too. Actors Louis Lombardi and Mary Lynn Rajskub are both brilliant, and have created iconic roles of the information age: nerdy heroes.

If you haven't been following the show, none of this will make any sense to you. But that would be your loss. The past year's season of 24 was a landmark of television: depicting the sheer evil of Arab terrorists without a single fliunch in the plot. To be sure, Keifer Sutherland narrated a pro—forma announcement during the commercials that stated that most Arab—Americans are patriotic, in response to reported protests by CAIR. But the show itself maintained admirable integrity by showing a seemingly normal Arab immigrant family putting terror above everything else. While abnormal in the extreme, it is the abnormal cases which could unleash an atomic weapon on us all.

Kudos to Fox and to the Chronicle.

Thomas Lifson   5 31 05