SF isn't my kind of town


It now has so many signs in the park detailing unlawful behavior, it is running out of space to satisfy the nanny state tyrants:

With a law barring smokers from lighting up in nearly all city—run open spaces in San Francisco scheduled to take effect next Friday, "No Smoking" signs have yet to be posted, raising questions about how well the ban will be enforced.

Six months ago, the Board of Supervisors passed what is believed to be the most comprehensive outdoor smoking ban in the country. The ban covers parks, squares, gardens and playing fields under city jurisdiction. First offenders could be slapped with a $100 fine issued by a police officer or member of the city's park patrol.

And department officials conceded last week that they haven't even created a mock—up of a sign that would alert residents to the new ordinance.

"That's an outrage,'' Alioto—Pier said, adding that she had written Yomi Agunbiade, the department's acting general manager, a letter about the issue. "They're supposed to be implementing this next week. It's wholly irresponsible. "

At some of the 250 parks and recreation areas under the department's control, there are already so many signs listing local laws that it may be difficult to add an additional "No Smoking" sign. 

Clarice Feldman   6 25 05