Shilling for Soros on CNN


Accuracy in Media reveals How George Soros, aided by the Center for Investigative Reporting, whose Board includes Symour (I lie) Hersh ,Bill(Mr. Left) Moyers and Judy (I cry when Dems lose) Woodruff), underwrote a CNN "documentary" calling for shorter sentences for violent criminals:
Clear and convincing evidence indicates that billionaire money manipulator and anti—conservative activist George Soros provided financing for research on a CNN documentary

Soros, a convicted insider trader who spent $23 million to defeat President Bush for re—election, not only had a role in underwriting the research that went into the program, but CNN promoted his agenda of ending incarceration for dangerous criminals.

The program, "Reasonable Doubt: Can Crime Labs be Trusted?," which CNN aired several times last January as a "CNN Presents" documentary, was prepared in cooperation with the Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR) and hosted by Aaron Brown.

In its own account of its role in the show, CIR acknowledged that "Funding for this investigation was provided in part by a 2003 Soros Justice Media Fellowship awarded to Robin Mejia by the Open Society Institute, and by a grant to CIR from the Ford Foundation and CIR's Investigative Venture Fund."

The Soros Open Society Institute (OSI) reported that the CNN program was "based on the reporting" of "Soros Justice Media Fellow Robin Mejia." The OSI said that the CNN show was the "culmination of more than a year of investigation by Ken Shiffman (CNN) and 2003 Soros Justice Media Fellow Robin Mejia." (snip)
The CIR, identified by CNN as helping to produce the program, received $142,600 from the OSI for its "partisan justice" investigative journalism project and a separate $52,000 for a "Courting Justice" project. (snip)

AIM was alerted to the CNN "Reasonable Doubt" program by people shocked that CNN would air such a one—sided show and conceal the role of a Soros operative in researching it.

The CNN website said, "A joint investigation by CNN and the Center for Investigative Reporting examines the lack of standards, quality controls and training at many of the nation's forensic laboratories and raises serious doubts about some forensic scientists."

The program left the impression that people were being wrongly incarcerated for rape and murder because of problems in crime labs relating to forensic evidence. But one analyst told AIM, "The truth is that, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, less than half of all murders end with a murder conviction. Once convicted, the average sentence served for murder is 13 years. While some people may be wrongly incarcerated, the most serious problem is that society is not protected from the large number of violent criminals who are never prosecuted or who serve light sentences." But that was left out of the program because it is not part of the Soros agenda. 
Soros is also behind the "felon enfranchisement" movement. He wants dangerous criminals out of jail and he wants them voting; he wants illegals free run of the country; he wants drugs legalized, he wants known terrorists released and he wants Democrats in office.
What a man. What an agenda
Clarice Feldman   5 22 05