Simply loathsome


Our contributor Edward Daley has posted his thoughts on the exploitation of Katarina by the left on the Daley Times—Post.

...even before the true scope of the devastation has been fully assessed, and the bodies of the dead can be recovered and laid to rest, liberal activists are already cranking up their collective spin machine in a pathetic attempt to blame their political enemies for the disaster.

I know it's difficult for most people to believe, but it appears that the left's capacity for shameless exploitation, unsubstantiated rhetoric, and blatant hypocrisy knows absolutely no bounds.

I think a lot of us are seeing what Edward, Jim Glassman, and others are noticing. Many on the left simply cannot help themselves. Their self—obsession has led them to self—discrediting statements. The disintegration oif the left continues apace.

Thomas Lifson  9 01 05