Soldiers raid terrorist chemical facility


CNN reports that Task Force Freedom, which is based in Mosul, Iraq, has found an 'insurgent' chemical facility.  US forces were led to the building based on information gleaned from detainee interrogations.  In addition to the chemical production equipment, over 1500 gallons of 'various chemicals' were also found.

The Multinational Corps' —Iraq (MNC—I) nuclear, biological and chemical defense officer, Col. Henry Franke, said,

"We are continuing to investigate the production and storage facilities to determine what type and quantities of chemicals were produced at the facility, and the specific threat posed to our forces.  We don't want to speculate on any possibilities until our analysis is complete."

It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the MSM if the chemicals are found to be lethal agents or chemical agent precursors.  It has become accepted as fact that there were no WMD found in Iraq despite Coalition forces finding an extensive precursor stockpile in 2003, and direct encounters with Sarin nerve agent binary artillery projectiles wired as IEDs in the Spring of 2004.

Stay tuned.

Hat tip: Dr. Mohamed Ibn Guadi

Doug Hanson    8 13 05