Some Dems leaving the fever swamp


One liberal writer has walked out of  the fever swamps of the conspiracy theorists, and concluded that there is no evidence that Ohio's 20 Electoral College votes were stolen from John Kerry in November, despite the presence of the evil Diebold voting machines in the state and the errant exit polls.

There is little chance, however, that the obsessed conspiracy junkies, the hard left academics with too little to do and too much resentment to swallow,  the rank and file rabid Bush haters, and the hard left in Congress (e.g John Conyors, Barbara Boxer) will therefore cease  broadcasting their inflammatory charges.

Sportscaster Jim Lampley was the latest to make a fool of himself by repeating the charges on the new Arianna Huffington group blog this week, demonstrating  the "quality reasoning and analysis" we can come to expect of this new effort to take overpaid, undereducated "stars", and ask them to rant on the world. 

Richard Baehr   5 13 05