Somewhere over the 'Rainbow'


"There's no doubt that the Mexican men and women _ full of dignity, willpower and a capacity for work _ are doing the work that not even blacks want to do in the United States," said Mexican President Vincente Fox over the weekend.

So, now, the political trick of treating blacks as pawns has crossed our southern border making this page from the Democrat playbook (international edition).   What in the name of Robert Byrd am I talking about?  Isn't it obvious?  Greater than 90% of the African—American vote goes for Democrats in election after election.  The reason is Democrats see (and treat) 'blacks' as a group of one; meanwhile, Republicans see the 'one' in a group.  Democrats have catered their strategy to lumping all 'like people' into various voting blocs, while 'racist' Republicans see each voter singularly among the people.

This may explain why Republicans appear to be insensitive to the needs of the black community.  It has even been said (by Democrats) that the GOP has ignored this group time and time again.  And, most egregiously, Republicans fail to recognize the plight 'of the inner city.'  Really?  What about school vouchers?  Since I don't work for Newsweek, let me tell you the truth.  The overwhelming majority of African—Americans are for vouchers.   Yet, Democrats, beholden to the teachers unions, steadfastly deny this option to parents of students trapped in poorly run government schools. 

Jesse Jackson calls the comments of Vincente Fox "unwitting, unnecessary and inappropriate."  What Jackson doesn't realize is that Fox is just following the pattern designed by race hustlers — from all the colors of the 'Rainbow' —— in this country. 

J. James Estrada   5 16 05