Spain's useful idiot


We already have ample reason to loathe Spain's cowardly, terrorist—accommodating prime minister, Jose Luis Rodriquez Zapatero, who won the Spanish 'capitulation' vote after al—Qaida blew up four Madrid train stations last March.
Now, blogger Daniel in Yaracuy, Venezuela gives us even more reason to despise him. Daniel watches in horror as the leader of once—magnificent Spain, dumping his dignity, runs headlong into the arms of Venezuela's own clown—dictator, Hugo Chavez to make business deals.
But maybe Zapatero's trying to bring Spain to the level that Chavez has taken Venezuela. Blogger Miguel in Caracas points out that not long ago, Venezuela used to be much wealthier than Spain. Spain's previous prime ministers like the much—missed Jose Maria Aznar, who made Spain a real player on the world stage, the fine leaders before him, and Spain's own beloved King Juan Carlos, turned Spain from a country poorer than Venezuela to the country that is now so much richer. Meanwhile, in the past six years, Chavez has taken Venezuela completely downhill. 
Daniel thinks Zapatero's partaking in Tropical Trotsky's communist soup kitchen in Caracas shows that one way or another, he's a bought man. Zapatero's systematically undermined both the West and Venezuela's and Cuba's freedom fighters, all to make nice with those two regimes' dictators. Daniel has a frightening list of such actions, none of which have appeared in the mainstream media. Zapatero's always been a man well beneath his office, but Daniel points out that he's also being used. The West should beware of this little fool.  
A.M Mora y Leon 03 29 05