Students not seeing red


Sure, school work has changed since we were kids——heck it has changed since last year.  And now even the color of the teacher's marking pen has changed.

Out with the red——in the with the purple.   
It seems that many parents object to red——it is too stressful.  Really.  Red lights say stop;  red writing on paper says wrong——negative.  Can't have that——too demeaning.
So teachers are experimenting with fun colors.  Purple——some teachers feel it is a gentler color even though there are red tones which  conveys the message.  Then there is lime green.  Orange.  Pink. Turquoise.

So much brighter and reinforcing——and most importantly, not critical, which is out as an educational philosophy.
Meanwhile, my spell check on my admittedly ancient two year old computer still underlines errors in red. I am not offended  And calculating 2+2=5  deserves a red warning.

Ethel C. Fenig   4 4 05