Subsidizing those who would destroy you


This article brings to light a fact unknown to many: England and other governments in Europe (and Canada) not only offer asylum for many Islamist extremists, but also puts them on the dole. So not only do they flout their hate and manipulate the freedoms available in the West, but they also take the natives' money. Will European taxpayers rise up? Is there a British equivalent of the National Taxpayers Union? Americans for Tax Reform?

Sheik Omar Bakri Mohammad, one of Britain's most outspoken militant clerics, predicted that another terrorist attack would hit London....

"Unless British foreign policy is changed and they withdraw forces from Iraq, I'm afraid there's going to be a lot of attacks, just the way it happened in Madrid and the way it happened in London," he said during a 40—minute conversation.

His preaching is heard or seen by hundreds of people in central London halls and on his Web site, where he has urged young men to fight "jihad" against "occupiers" in Iraq, Israel and Chechnya. He routinely refers to the Sept. 11 hijackers as "the magnificent 19."

A Syrian—born, 47—year—old father of seven who has lived in North London for 19 years, Sheik Bakri was granted asylum in 1986, and receives public assistance of