Suppose they had a telethon...


Imagine a Jerry Lewis telethon to support children killing children. Would you send in your money? No, don't bother. I know your answer.

But not the Saudis, apparently. The Saudi Government—sponsored Iqra TV had a charitable telethon a few weeks ago, not for the Katrina victims, but for the noble cause of killing children in Israel.

The Palestinian media still glorify teenage boys and girls who kill themselves while murdering as many Jewish civilians as possible. They sometimes do it to avoid the disgrace of being caught in a sexual scandal. There are endless pictures of tiny Palestinian tots being held on their father's shoulders wearing little martyr's suicide belts and holding toy kalashnikovs.

This is about as sick as human beings get, but the Saudis have gone one better. A Saudi government official told his TV audience that "Muslims must support the El Aqsa Intifada," the war for Jerusalem, which has so far killed more than 1,000 Israelis and 7,000 Palestinians. A majority of the maimed and dead are children, Palestinian kids, who have been indoctrinated from early childhood to go out there and kill for the cause, and Jewish children, who have been taught to want to live.

Said the Sheikh running the fundraiser:

"The Prophet said: 'He who equips a fighter — it is as if he himself fought.' You lie in your bed, safe in your own home, and donate money — and Allah credits you with the rewards of a fighter. What is this? A privilege."
"The Prophet threatened people who refrain from giving their money for the sake of Allah. He threatened them with disaster that Allah would inflict upon them before Judgment Day. ... In other words, you, as a Muslim, have no alternative whatsoever. You have no alternative if you want to be spared Allah's torments. Allah tempts you. If you give money, you'll be rewarded.

But he threatens you that if you don't give money, and you are stingy in spending your money for the sake of Allah, you should expect punishment from Allah..."

Well, how can you lose with a deal like that?

Suppose Saudis were raising money to kill children, say, in New Orleans or San Francisco. What do you suppose the United States would do? Or any other country in the world?  Israel may not strike out against Saudi agitators with blood on their hands, so as not to offend America's good Saudi friends.

But does Israel have a right to do so?  According laws of civilized nations, the answer seems clear enough.