Taking the offense


Mackubin Thomas Owens argues in the New York Post that one reason we are suffering larger casualties lately is because we are quietly (in the media) on the offensive, attacking the ratline corridors bring in materiel and warriors.

"Multinational Force West is conducting a number of operations in a number of those towns simultaneously, in an effort to deny the enemy freedom of movement, to deny them safe haven . . . Previously [the insurgents] may have had an opportunity to move. For example, if there was pressure in Hadithah, they could perhaps move someplace else.

"Well, now, because of the simultaneity of operations that Multinational Force West is conducting, they don't have that freedom of movement, and I think that's one of the contributing causes to [the increased] number of direct contacts that are occurring."

That's good news. Now, let the media celebrate our victories. And let the White House lead.

Thomas Lifson   8 10 05