Taser shocker: sues Gannett for libel


Every morning on my way to work, I pass the offices of Taser International.  Little did I know that the Company produced the power of a 'lighting storm' in its law enforcement and self—defense weapons.  That's how a story in USA Today characterized the firepower of a device designed to save lives.  The claim is untrue and Taser has sued the paper's parent company, Gannett Co., for libel.

Police Departments around the country have utilized the Taser in order to control suspects without deadly force.  This course of action is in response from the 'public' who feel police may be too free—wheeling in exerting their authority.  Most of the time, however, it's not the public, but liberals in newsprint who want cops drained of their ability to effectively deal with the criminal element.  Liberals seem to always side with the bad guys over the men and women who put their lives on the line everyday for us. 

When Phoenix police employed a Taser, in a May 3rd altercation, the assailant died shortly afterward.  The Arizona Republic reported the story the next day and mentioned that the

'the incident comes at a time when civil rights advocates, human rights organizations and the media are raising questions about the safety of the stun gun and whether it can induce fatal heart attacks.' 

Do these 'civil rights advocates' 'human rights organizations' and the 'media' expect the police to respond to violent, life—threatening situations with 'water—guns and French—waving white flags'?  That's what morning drive—time host, Bruce Jacobs of KFYI—AM, Phoenix, asked today.  Jacobs is right.  After all, the police had every right to just unload (in the traditional fashion) on this character.  They tried to do what was appropriate in the eyes of its critics.

Here's hoping Taser wins its suit and keeps winning the day with its clientele in blue who allow us to sleep well at night.

J. James Estrada    7 5 05