Tax oddities among U.S.-based Chavez groups


Blogger Alek Boyd keeps a close eye on Venezuela's pro—Chavez propaganda groups actively operating in the U.S. He asks questions about their many claims and does his research.
Today he's got a scoop on one of them, the loathesome Eva Golinger group called 'Venezuela Solidarity Committee' which, along with her 'VenezuelaFOIA' cooks up information about the CIA just doing its job into hysterical claims about its omnipotence. Naturally, the Associated Press and New York Times buy into this tabloid—quality tripe, but most responsible news organizations, including even Reuters, steer clear of this crew.
Alek has learned that Eva Golinger's Venezuela Solidarity Committee group, which claims to be an IRS—sanctioned tax—exempt organization, isn't, according to the IRS. He even prints a letter from an IRS bureaucrat stating as much.
All of this is important because it raises questions about who is funding this group, which Golinger claims, is funded by grassroots U.S. donations. Given the fact that Venezuela's own propaganda houses are run by Americans from organizations like Global Exchange, one wonders just how fluid the lines are between U.S. private and Venezuelan government funding.
Alek's piece has lots of good information exposing the extent of the irregularities and it's very certain to enrage the Chavez government. That's why it's so important to go have a look.  Bit by bit, the blogosphere is taking that regime's apparatus and all its smoke and propaganda mirrors straight down. 
A.M. Mora y Leon 03 05 05