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In case you have any doubt about what the "war on terror" is really about (hint: it's not just about tactics"), our good friends at the Palestinian Television Authority have clarified the issue. MEMRI found it, and Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs brought it to our attention:

In a Friday sermon (khutba) broadcast by official Palestinian Authority television on May 13, 2005, Sheik Ibrahim Mudeiris told the Muslim brothers that one day Islam will rule America, Britain, and the entire world—and wipe out the Jews.

"We have ruled the world before, and by Allah, the day will come when we will rule the entire world again. The day will come when we will rule America. The day will come when we will rule Britain and the entire world — except for the Jews. The Jews will not enjoy a life of tranquility under our rule, because they are treacherous by nature, as they have been throughout history. The day will come when everything will be relived of the Jews — even the stones and trees which were harmed by them. Listen to the Prophet Muhammad, who tells you about the evil end that awaits Jews. The stones and trees will want the Muslims to finish off every Jew." [emphasis added]

This is not a Zionist neo—conservative spinning tales. It is straight from the Islamicist source.

Got it?

Thomas Lifson   5 17 05